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Learn our story, from the beginning and into the future.

Peck Funeral Home traces its origins to 1929 when James Elliotte Peck purchased the Corsbie Furniture &Hardware Store.  In the beginning, the location was nothing more than a room in the back of the store where caskets and materials to make them were kept. Mr. Peck himself was essentially "the funeral home", traveling out to direct services and oversee preparations which took place only in homes or churches.

Since Elliotte’s time there have been three generations to make their place in the business. All three started in a similar fashion, working in the business during their teenage years. Each generation graduated from Morgan County High School/Hartselle High School and went to Auburn for a business degree. While each has their own special impact on the business, what remains the same are the invaluable lessons passed down to each other. Robert, Jim, and Arthur are all currently active in the business and have the privilege of being able to work together.

We believe it is important to keep the funeral home in our family, so we can maintain the traditions and values we have held dear for 90 years now. While our family lineage is a proud part of our business, our employees are the heart of the business. The funeral home proudly employs over 30 individuals. Currently the Funeral Home is managed by Geoff Halbrooks, who has held that position for almost 20 years. He has been instrumental in the growth and the reputation the funeral home holds today.  

While we are proud of our past we are also excited about our future. We continue to make upgrades to our facility to better accommodate those we serve. We strongly believe in investing in our community and school systems. We have a wonderful group of employees, who treat each other and those they serve as their own family. The funeral business as a whole has endured a lot of changes since the start of Peck Funeral Home. While the culture we live in seems to be morally falling apart, we will always demand respect in the way our services are conducted, and respect for the families we serve. Our standards will never be lowered.    

As generations go by we have tried to keep in mind what our founder, Elliotte Peck, realized from the start.  Taking care of families is what the funeral business is all about.  We continue to believe "Service from the Heart" is the most important thing we provide to the families we serve.

Why Us?

In a nutshell? Experience, professionalism, compassion, and empathy.

Why Us?

We've learned a lot over many years. Like how to present options without overwhelming. And how to meet the needs of many caring parties. People come to us in difficult times, and we respond kindness, calmness and expertise. Our goal is to create a beautiful occasion and make you feel welcome, always. We spend our days planning with families. We stay up to date with industry developments. And we make hard times a little easier.

Learn the legacy.

Peck Funeral Home was established years ago, and serving families has always been our focus. We take pride in being able to guide people through some of their most difficult days. We take pride in maintaining a setting that allows people to find solace. Celebrating life is our mission. That’s never changed. And with pride, it never will.

Who We Are

Meet our staff. Members of the local community make everything that happens possible.Together, we make this place amazing.

Jim  Peck

Jim Peck

Geoff  Halbrooks

Geoff Halbrooks

Manager, Funeral Director, Embalmer
Arthur  Peck

Arthur Peck

Funeral Director -- HR
Zac  Ferrell

Zac Ferrell

Assistant Manager, Funeral Director, Embalmer
Mac  Beard

Mac Beard

Funeral Director, Embalmer
Charles  Fricks

Charles Fricks

Funeral Director/Embalmer
Michael  Childress

Michael Childress

Funeral Director, Embalmer
Julia Jensen

Julia Jensen

Apprentice Funeral Director, Apprentice Embalmer
Lisa  McBride

Lisa McBride

Funeral Director, Embalmer
Kandy  Gibson

Kandy Gibson

Tammy  Whitten

Tammy Whitten

Johnny  Rowe

Johnny Rowe

Funeral Director
Michael  Gunter

Michael Gunter

Funeral Director
Ralph  Henderson

Ralph Henderson

Funeral Director
Cody  Landis

Cody Landis

Johnny Perkins

Johnny Perkins

Dale  McMinemon

Dale McMinemon

Funeral Director
Brian  Bullard

Brian Bullard

Funeral Director, Embalmer
Lila .

Lila .

Therapy Dog
Felicia  Gibson

Felicia Gibson

Grant  Beal

Grant Beal

Jerry  Ferrell

Jerry Ferrell

Michael  Halbrooks

Michael Halbrooks

Randy  Whitten

Randy Whitten

Tommie  Jones

Tommie Jones

Skip  Drinkard

Skip Drinkard

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